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Environmental Analysis; Asbestos, Lead, Mold

Quality and Integrity First

Fiberquant Analytical Services has provided state-of-the-art analyses to the southwest United States since 1977. A professional staff and a commitment to quality are our strongest virtues. We specialize in asbestos, lead-in-paint and fungal analysis.

Fiberquant regularly issues informative publications, containing articles of technical content.

 (1kb)NVLAP (#101031) accredited for bulk (PLM) and air (TEM) asbestos analysis; Licensed by Arizona DEQ #00904 for asbestos in water

2007 AIHA logos combined red small.gif (20116 bytes) AIHA  (#101593) accredited for PCM fiber analysis, bulk asbestos (PLM) analysis, TEM air and bulk analysis, industrial hygiene metal analysis,  air and bulk cultured fungal identification, and air (spore trap), bulk and surface direct examination analysis;
recognized by NLLAP and accreditied by AIHA for environmental lead in paint, soil and wipe matrices.

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Fiberquant Analytical Services
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